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Fosmo Med

Organization: Fosmo Med

Country: USA

Forum: Innovation Showcases

Fosmo Med is changing the paradigm of pre-filled IV bags by utilizing innovative forward osmosis technology to create sterile intravenous solutions at the point of care. Maji, an IV bag, which is shipped and stored without fluid, is Fosmo Med's first product. There are no power requirements. Simply fill the Maji bag with any fresh water, wait a few hours, then administer the solution to the patient.

Primary target audiences for the product include disaster relief, public health and military applications. Annually, over 2 million people die from dehydration related diseases like cholera - too often lifesaving IV solutions do not reach the areas desperate for these medical treatments because of the high cost of shipping pre-filled bags. Fosmo Med is the only company using forward osmosis for medical purposes.

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