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Organization: BiMeo

Country: Slovenia

Forum: Innovation Showcases

BiMeo is an innovative rehabilitation device that is designed to make therapy more effective and motivating for patients, while advancing the work of physicians and therapists. Therapy with the BiMeo goes beyond state-of-the-art methods in rehabilitation medicine. The patient is encouraged to use the more affected arm, supported by the movement of the less affected arm, thus replacing a robotic manipulator. The support is supervised by multiple sensors and optimized through automatic training task adaptation. Training is augmented with activity-of-daily-living type exercises, while specific tasks are designed for objective motor function assessment. Physicians or therapists can easily track the progress of the patient and adjust training difficulty according to the patient’s needs. Therapy is therefore more effective, and the rehabilitation process is shorter. It is estimated that therapy with BiMeo could help more than 10 million people around the world annually.

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