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Organization: D-rev

Country: USA

Forum: Innovation Showcases

D-Rev is a non-profit product development company that aims to design and deliver products to people living on less than $4 a day. Their belief is that with access to needed quality products, people can lift themselves out of poverty. D-Rev works with a global network of partners to design disruptive and radically affordable products to improve health and incomes. In the delivery process they leverage for-profit market mechanisms to ensure economic sustainability and scalable impact.

The ReMotion Knee is one of the products that D-rev has developed to improve health and sustainability in the developing world. The ReMotion Knee is a high-performance knee joint for developing world amputees. It is designed with high strength polymers and stainless steel components which provide the user with a high range of motion including 165-degree range enabling kneeling squatting and biking. The ReMotion Knee is an affordable price at under $80.

Research studies have been carried out globally with different iterations of the ReMotion Knee. In total, 6243 patients were fitted with version 1 of the ReMotion Knee and 79% of those involved in the trial are still using it. 95% of the knees fitted did not break and there was an average satisfaction rate of 86% among users. The results on the latest trials are to be confirmed.

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