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Smartphone Physical

Organization: Smartphone Physical

Country: UK

Forum: Innovation Showcases

Smartphone Physical is a device developed by the company Quantified Care. Quantified Care is committed to pairing the power of mobile medical technologies with the right clinical expertise to empower providers, enhance patient engagement and drive better health in remote care applications.

Through mobile technology these smartphone-based devices and supporting applications provide clinically relevant information ranging from simple measurements such as body weight, blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation to more complex readings such as electrocardiograms and ultrasound imaging.

Smartphone Physical enables the consumer to collect and record important health information from connected medical devices and apps while visualizing historical data to monitor trends. Furthermore it allows users to actively participate in health management while learning more about their specific medical condition and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Smartphone Physical also provides a social platform where you can generate a more refined picture of you overall health and share with caregivers while connecting with others dealing with similar medical conditions.

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