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Sala Uno

Organization: Sala Uno

Country: Mexico

Forum: Innovation Showcases

SalaUno is a Mexico based business model innovation which aims to offer affordable and high quality eye care services to low and middle income populations in Mexico. The five year programme started in 2011 and aims to cover at least 25% of the annual cataract incidence; this will mean steps towards preventing needless blindness in Mexico. The organization currently operates in Mexico City and hopes to expand across Latin America in the near future.

SalaUno is able to offer cataracts surgery at 1/3 of the market price in Mexico. This price is possible because SalaUno has introduced small incision cataract surgeries (SICS) to Mexico; SICS offers excellent medical results at a fraction of the cost. SalaUno also operates under a high volume model, taking advantage of economies of scale.

In addition to utilizing a high volume model, the program has also partnered with a local cinema who has agreed to provide 100 free surgeries per month. Due to minimal information being provided at the local level regarding the problems of cataracts and needless blindness, the clinic conducts weekend campaigns to provide free screenings for eye problems in villages, completely free of cost.

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