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Riders for Health

Organization: Riders for Health

Country: Africa

Forum: Innovation Showcases

Riders for Health is an international social enterprise which manages and maintains vehicles such as motorcycles, ambulances and other four-wheel vehicles in the delivery of healthcare in seven countries in the sub-Saharan Africa. Riders for Health enables health workers to deliver vital healthcare to rural communities on a reliable and cost-effective basis.

By working with ministries of health, international and African NGOs, private-sector organizations, local community-based organizations and religious groups, they are able to improve access to healthcare for 12 million people in the rural areas in Africa. Riders for Health is working in seven African countries; Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Nigeria, The Gambia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. To ensure the sustainability of their programme they charge their partners a not-for-profit fee.

Their network of highly skilled technicians regularly travels to service vehicles in the communities in which health workers serve.

Riders for Health has shown to be have a positive and varied impact on health services within the countries it serves. In one year, Riders’ motorcycle couriers collect and deliver over 400,000 patient medical samples and test results between health centers and laboratories. In Lesotho, this courier service has cut the time taken for test results to be returned to health centers by over half.

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